Sunday, December 19, 2021

Today's Children playing in my surroundings

In my surroundings, an area on Province DKI Jakarta, I often see Children is playing on our alley. I understand it because a nearby empty space is very difficult to found. Although It is not so crowded alley, Pedestrians and Riders have to aware with their existence. When I and my friends were Children, We still found fields and gardens to play easily so we didn't need to play on alley or street. 

Children are still children in every era,today or a long time ago, They need to play and to interact with each other. Although currently the Electronic Device especially smartphone is more common to found for Children, so They can play Individually on Their own home but We often find children gathered while play Smartphones, They still need togetherness. Whatever kind of games, They need gathered including physical games. Because empty spaces for playing are more difficult to found, so They use alleys or streets to play.

The DKI Jakarta administration has provide a number of  parks but although the parks are large but the parks are only found in certain nodes. In my surrounding, the nearest park is about 1 km far so It's difficult for Children here to reach often. However, I really appreciate What the province DKI Jakarta has done to build those parks on certain areas, at least we can go there sometimes to play and enjoy The green of plants in a wide area. There is also a Football field here which can be used for children to play but still not so close to reach, it's about 1.5 KM far.

Because The population growth by new birth or migration, The need of land and houses is unavoidable, so empty space is always hunted by many people to build new houses and buildings, moreover  Jakarta as a Central Business and Central Government which attracting many people to live in.

Houses and buildings everywhere are unavoidable and Children are more difficult to find place to play, so they use alleys and streets especially those not so crowded to play and We often can't forbid them because no place to play except them.  They still happy although must be carefully for their safety.

Image : Football outside Jakarta.
Photo by Robert Collins on Unsplash

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