Friday, January 06, 2017

How to install Oracle SQL Developer in Linux Debian family

Currently I am in a team doing a software project on site in a company located on Cengkareng. One of the task needed on this project is access to Oracle Server and i use Oracle SQL Developer which able to download freely on Oracle site ( We will use Debian family (Debian, Ubuntu,Lubuntu, Kbuntu, etc) and in this chance i write the steps as follows :
  1. Get the software from site. From this site, unfortunately no debian package available which Debian family use, there is only Linux RPM available for Linux and we will use it.
    For now, when this article wrote, we have file : 
  1. For installing RPM file on Debian family, we need to convert RPM file to DEB file first, we use alien package for do that. Run this command to install alien and other necessary packages from our account:
    $ sudo apt-get install alien dpkg-dev debhelper build-essential

  2. To convert a package from rpm to debian format, use this command:
    $ sudo alien packagename.rpm

    For our case, the command will be:
    $ sudo alien sqldeveloper*.rpm
    We use asterisk (*) to represents the rest character.
    The process takes for some moment. It will create: sqldeveloper_4.

  3. Install debian file above (sqldeveloper_4. by using dpkg tool, the internal package management tool for debian family.
    $ sudo dpkg -i packagename.deb

    For our case, the command will be:
    $ sudo dpkg -i sqldeveloper*.deb
  4. Hurray, Alhamdulillah …. Oracle SQL Developer installed Succesfully. :-)
    For first running, you will be asked for JDK directory. You can know where JDK directory by using syntax : $ which java
    In my computer, it display /usr/bin/java . I just entry : /usr.
    Oracle SQL Developer also ask for adding command : SetSkipJ2SDKCheck true  in product.conf manually. product.conf is located on /home/username/.sqldeveloper/4.2.0 and other location (You may choose one).

    You also can uncomment SetJavaHome and fill the value with your JDK directory.
  5. That's all. You type : sqldeveloper for any location to run SQL Developer.
    $ sqldeveloper. The software doesn't create shortcut manually in GUI, you can create by yourself.


    Install an RPM package on Ubuntu Linux -


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