Thursday, April 03, 2014

How useful Master Degree in Computer Science for a Web Developer ?

This year, i am starting pursuing a master degree in Magister Ilmu Komputer (Master of Computer Science), Universitas Indonesia. I do it because my superior in IT Academy where i teach was urge me to get Master degree for keeping still eligible to teach in Higher Education institution including in my academy. Although my main job is not a lecturer but i like learning and teaching and i want try to keep interact with academy because academy is one of important source of knowledge and skill, so i try to enter University again to pursue master Degree and Alhamdulillah, this year , it is become reality.
   A master degree for a Lecturer is useful and a necessity regarding on Government provision, demanding lecturer to have Minimum Education is Master Degree.  What about for Web Developer like my main job ? How useful is it ?. Doesn't Web Developer doesn't require master degree for becoming it. An Employer or Client of Project today just need Bachelor Degree and more important thing, the web developer must be knowledgeable, skillful and have good portfolios rather than having master degree. No one require Web Developer must have Master Degree.
   Okay, today no one or almost no one require a web developer to have master degree but later if you have a higher position, like becoming a Project Manager or a Lead Developer, particularly for Big Project which come from big institution, i am sure, a master degree holder is more consider than other candidate, of course, experience, knowledge and skillful is already fulfilled.
   Another usage and the more important thing is knowledge enrichment and networking . In Master Program , like i am pursuing today, i am learning about more advanced theory in computer science, such as in Database Advanced and Machine Learning which i haven't got yet before.
  In database advanced, for example, i know  there are some index types in database, such as Be-tree and Hash Indexes. Before, i just know, database has index but what name of index, i did not know yet. Another new science i get is Machine Learning, which learn about some Algorithms to solve the problem based on data we have. They are useful and enrich my Knowledge as a web Developer, Freelance Web Developer exactly.
   A Web Developer often use Database, oftenly intermediate knowledge is enough but i am sure Advanced level is better to developing a better application.
   So, besides getting higher degree, knowledge and skill will increase, hopefully as a web developer. Networking is something useful. Knowing more people, friends and Great lecturers.
   And the last but not the least, hopefully studying continuously will become good point in The God's side

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