Saturday, January 05, 2013

If we want to live in peace, get ready to war

Everybody loves peace including us but that doesn't mean other people not attack us because of certain reasons, including criminal, such as robbery and raping. Unfortunately, police is not always near us and get ready to help us.
For that reason, we need to protect ourselves from the attacker, which we can screaming for help, running away, using a weapon or using Martial art or maybe combine them.

Screaming for help is often effective to evict the attacker, especially if there are some concern people around us. Running away too, if we believe we can run fast and screaming for help in the same time. It can escape us from the attacker. But sometimes, the condition is not possible for us to scream and run away, for example, our house is robbed in the midnight while we can't scream or help because the robber force us to be quiet under a knife. At that time, only 2 ways we must choose, Be quiet and obey to what the robber said and can not do anything just see including they hurt one of our family member or struggle to paralyze them using Martial art but dare to take a risk, including die.
If we believe able to beat the Robber(s) and we brave enough, we can choose the latter.

Of course, hopefully, there is no one attack us including do something criminal to us, but There is no guarantee we will live in peace forever. That's why we need to alert, especially in certain condition, for example, when we are walking in a dark and quiet area alone.

Having skill and knowledge in martial art is something useful, not merely for defending ourselves , but also for health, get socialize and increase self confidence. But we have to make a lot practice and do it routine to make it useful. We can choose one of any Martial art suitable for us, such as Karate, taekwondo or Judo. For the beginner, a trainer is very important and we can join a club to get practise together under a/some trainers instruction.

Last, preventing is more important than curing for avoiding criminal such as, not wearing jewelry so many in a public area, which can tempting bad guys to steal or even rob us, stay away from criminals area especially if you are a woman and alone and Keep praying for The God's protection.

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