Thursday, June 28, 2012

An Atheis, do you think you use your brain well about the God Existence ?. Think again ....

In Indonesia, the government has declared 6 official religions, they are Islam, Christian, Hindu, Buddha and the newest one, Konghucu. But i believe only one religion is right and the rest is wrong, it is Islam with a lot of verses in Al-quran and Hadits tell about it and also with logical proven tell that Islam is the one and only true religion. No God but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger. About other people embrace religion besides Islam think that his religion is true, that is his business. Lakum Dinukum waliyadiin, Your religion is yours and my religion is mine.

Of course there are some people who embrace other religion besides 6 official religion above in Indonesia but i am sure the percentage is very small and other some people choose not to believe in God. How can they don't believe in God while they existence in the World is a real and undebatable proof that the God is exist.

Before continue, the God in this article, of course, i mean Allah Ta'ala, but if you are a non Muslim and tell another God besides Allah Ta'ala, that's your own business.

Okay, let's continue .. :). We all know that we are born by our mother because "the good cooperation" between our mother and our father, then there are some biological process in my mother's womb. There are some steps to create our lung, our heart, our eyes and make us life.
An atheis , do you create your own eyes, your own ear and create your soul from yourself ?. Or it happened accidentally by natural ?. Don't you know that eyes are very complicated things, they have 130 million cell which all of them are ready to receive  light ? Not mention your brain since you are baby, it has one milliard brain cell (neuron)and about 1 trillion supported cell helping neuron (glia).In short, human body is very complicated and amazing creation. It must be designed very well by someone or something and we know it, It is not human. It is another power who is much more powerful and clever than Human. Yes .. It is the God.

Other proof is about the ocean which is very large and so many various kind of fish, coral reef and other things which they are real proofs that all of them are designed and created well with the God. Impossible created coincidentally.

Do you still don't believe with the God Existence ?. Do you think that you use your brain well that you can conclude there is no God ?. Think again ...  Or ... It seems we have to wait until The death come to each of us. I believe in Life after Death. We will prove by ourselves, is there God, meaning, there is another life which the place for responsibilities with what we have done in the World, or we will perish, no another life, meaning, there is no God.
Ok .. Let's waiting for that happen comes to each of us.

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