Thursday, May 03, 2012

K-mail, a good and free e-mail client

If you use Linux and need an E-mail client to organize your emails rather than organize them in your web based e-mail directly, you can try K-mail. K-mail is the E-mail component of Kontact , the integrated personal information manager from KDE. There are several main features mentioned in its website, such as :
- Supports the standard mail protocols IMAP,POP3 and SMTP.
- Reading and writing of HTML mail.
- Ability to display plain text only from an HTML mail.
- Encrypted password saving in Kwallet

My experience using Kmail for more than 2 years, i think it is a good mail client, which makes me still use it until now. I use a commercial hosting and i make it for my email hosting too and the space is limited, just 375 mb, so i have to save my space for mail and i decide to use a mail client. I found K-mail and i tried it, i feel satisfy with it. Unfortunately, Kmail is only available in Linux, not in Windows, so for you want to try it, you have to use Linux first.

I use 4 features mentioned above well. Currently i use K-mail version 1.13.3, using KDE Development Platform 4.4.5 (KDE 4.4.5) and it is installed integrated with KDE, so we don't need to install it separately. I don't use the latest Linux Mandriva version, Mandriva 2011, i still use Mandriva 2010.2, so i hope i can find the newest version of KMail too in the newest Mandriva version and i am sure it is better than what i have used now.

Last but not least, Kmail and also Kontact is a GNU license application, which you can get free.

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