Thursday, June 28, 2012

An Atheis, do you think you use your brain well about the God Existence ?. Think again ....

In Indonesia, the government has declared 6 official religions, they are Islam, Christian, Hindu, Buddha and the newest one, Konghucu. But i believe only one religion is right and the rest is wrong, it is Islam with a lot of verses in Al-quran and Hadits tell about it and also with logical proven tell that Islam is the one and only true religion. No God but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger. About other people embrace religion besides Islam think that his religion is true, that is his business. Lakum Dinukum waliyadiin, Your religion is yours and my religion is mine.

Of course there are some people who embrace other religion besides 6 official religion above in Indonesia but i am sure the percentage is very small and other some people choose not to believe in God. How can they don't believe in God while they existence in the World is a real and undebatable proof that the God is exist.

Before continue, the God in this article, of course, i mean Allah Ta'ala, but if you are a non Muslim and tell another God besides Allah Ta'ala, that's your own business.

Okay, let's continue .. :). We all know that we are born by our mother because "the good cooperation" between our mother and our father, then there are some biological process in my mother's womb. There are some steps to create our lung, our heart, our eyes and make us life.
An atheis , do you create your own eyes, your own ear and create your soul from yourself ?. Or it happened accidentally by natural ?. Don't you know that eyes are very complicated things, they have 130 million cell which all of them are ready to receive  light ? Not mention your brain since you are baby, it has one milliard brain cell (neuron)and about 1 trillion supported cell helping neuron (glia).In short, human body is very complicated and amazing creation. It must be designed very well by someone or something and we know it, It is not human. It is another power who is much more powerful and clever than Human. Yes .. It is the God.

Other proof is about the ocean which is very large and so many various kind of fish, coral reef and other things which they are real proofs that all of them are designed and created well with the God. Impossible created coincidentally.

Do you still don't believe with the God Existence ?. Do you think that you use your brain well that you can conclude there is no God ?. Think again ...  Or ... It seems we have to wait until The death come to each of us. I believe in Life after Death. We will prove by ourselves, is there God, meaning, there is another life which the place for responsibilities with what we have done in the World, or we will perish, no another life, meaning, there is no God.
Ok .. Let's waiting for that happen comes to each of us.

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Thursday, May 03, 2012

K-mail, a good and free e-mail client

If you use Linux and need an E-mail client to organize your emails rather than organize them in your web based e-mail directly, you can try K-mail. K-mail is the E-mail component of Kontact , the integrated personal information manager from KDE. There are several main features mentioned in its website, such as :
- Supports the standard mail protocols IMAP,POP3 and SMTP.
- Reading and writing of HTML mail.
- Ability to display plain text only from an HTML mail.
- Encrypted password saving in Kwallet

My experience using Kmail for more than 2 years, i think it is a good mail client, which makes me still use it until now. I use a commercial hosting and i make it for my email hosting too and the space is limited, just 375 mb, so i have to save my space for mail and i decide to use a mail client. I found K-mail and i tried it, i feel satisfy with it. Unfortunately, Kmail is only available in Linux, not in Windows, so for you want to try it, you have to use Linux first.

I use 4 features mentioned above well. Currently i use K-mail version 1.13.3, using KDE Development Platform 4.4.5 (KDE 4.4.5) and it is installed integrated with KDE, so we don't need to install it separately. I don't use the latest Linux Mandriva version, Mandriva 2011, i still use Mandriva 2010.2, so i hope i can find the newest version of KMail too in the newest Mandriva version and i am sure it is better than what i have used now.

Last but not least, Kmail and also Kontact is a GNU license application, which you can get free.

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Geany, a small and lightweight IDE - My experience

One of Integrated Development Environment (IDE) i have been using is Geany, it's my second IDE for my programming, especially in PHP. My main IDE for PHP is Netbeans for PHP which i have ever been told some times ago in this blog.

This article will talk about Geany and my experience use it.But because Netbeans is my main IDE and Geany is my secondary one that doesn't mean that Netbeans is more suitable for everyone than Geany. The condition and your own taste decide it.

Geany ( is a small and lightweight IDE and i often use it to open a single file not in a file under project. For that reason, i use Netbeans because it provides project management, while Geany i never use the project management tool it has which is more simple than Netbeans.Some basic features in Geany are :
- Syntax Highlighting
- Code Folding
- Auto closing of xml and html tags
- Symbol list
- Code Navigation

Geany is same level with Notepad++, both of them are a small and lightweight IDE and good in PHP programming. Geany also suitable for other programming languages or script such as C/C++,Java,Html,CSS,Phyton and Perl. And it is under GNU license so we can use it freely. Free and great that's 2 words for Geany besides small and lightweight.The last version today is 0.21 but although still under version 1.0 the ability as small IDE is good.

If you do a middle and big project, particularly in PHP moreover do in a team, Netbeans for PHP is more suitable than Geany, because it support with features which easier your task in project management, debugging and subversion.
But if you open a or some files not in a project , Geany is better than Netbeans. Geany is also good in doing a little project. In doing coding, Geany is good and nice to use, already supported with some features, i already mention above.

Because i do a middle and big project as well as often open a or some files out of project, so i use both of them Netbeans and Geany and i feel comfortable with them.

Geany besides available in Linux, it is also provides Windows Binary, so for you as Windows user you can use it too. I myself use Geany for Linux version.

So if you are looking for great, small and lightweight IDE, what are you waiting for, go to its website, download the application, install it and start to use it. If you want more information about Geany, you can visit the site too.

Have a nice programming ......

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Reunion of SMPN 245 Jakarta, Year 1994

The day was came, sunday, January 15 2012, the reunion of SMPN 245. That was date, we, students of that school made a reunion in APSG Restaurant, Situ Gintung, Ciputat, Tangerang Selatan.The restaurant is wide, green and has kids playground, a beautiful restaurant i think. It was an 18-year reunion after our graduation.

I came with my family, my wife and my 2 kids at about 11.30 AM. The place was still quiet, only some friends who also as the organizing committee members there.They came before me prepared the place. When i came, the place was ready but still some little preparation seem in some corner and i as a member of the organizing committee too help the rest of preparation. While, My kids and my wife played in kids playground eagerly. Then, one by one, the friends came in the place, alone or accompanied by his/her own spouse and children. We meet with our old friends eagerly. Some of us had not meet each other for some years, of course we were very pleased and surprise. We still knew our friends because our long memory is still good :).

At about 13.00, we had a lunch together, the food was delicious and at about 13.30, the teachers and school staffs came in the place, Masya Allah .... the teachers who had taught us 18 years ago came in and met with us again. The situation was cheerful, fun and impressive. Many teachers did not recognize us, it was reasonable, because it was a long time ago , 18 years ago had not a short time and so many from us had changed physically and face. Oops, there was one teacher still knew me ... ow how happy i am :).

We were gathered and listened a speech from the chairman of the organizing committee, Wirda Kamalia, a speech from teachers, represented by Ibu Ida Dravida (She taught us PMP) and a testimony delivered by Irma. After that, the teachers and school staffs and some of our friends were having lunch accompanied with some songs, sang by professional singer and our friends. We sang and danced together but i just only watched it.

Then,the door prize was started ... mention some lucky numbers and my number, 4 was out as one of the Door Prize winner.

After the Door prize was ended, we took some pictures together and after that, the program was ended. One by one the participants went home. The organizing committee including me went home later cleaning the place but some friends were still talked to each other in different place in a small group.

That is my notes about the reunion of SMPN 245 Jakarta. Remembering from planning, discussing, organizing and running the reunion, it was a sweet and impressive program.

Thank you friends ....

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Java Programming in my perspective as a PHP programmer

I am a fulltime freelance web developer using PHP and i also teach a computer programming but not using PHP, it's using Java. Yes, i teach Java Programming. First, i feel not so like teaching Java, because i don't know Java well. Yes, i am a novice in Java but my department chief still trust me to deliver it, although she knew that. So i receive that task . I am learning Java by reading, practicing and teaching in the same time.

My impression about Java so far is, Java is a very good programming language and rather difficult to learn especially for those who new in OOP concept. Here, I try to compare those 2 languages, Java and PHP.

1. Java is very "Computer Science". We will learn so many computer science terms, more than PHP.

For example :

If we want make a pop menu in GUI, we must know JOptionPane class and its methods and parameter. Comparing with PHP, it just know only "alert" syntax and moreover it's not in PHP, it's in JavaScript. PHP itself can't make a pop up menu . Luckily, PHP can work together with javascript which make pop up menu and JavaScript itself has Framework which able to create various pop up menu.

Pop Menu in Java GUI

2. Java is Object Oriented Programming, no procedural , while PHP is still use procedural besides support OOP too.

Everything is OOP in Java. We have to master OOP Concept. We have to understand what class is, what object is, what inheritance is, etc. There is no Procedural programming anymore, like PHP still can use procedural.

3. Java is very wide in utilization and type. PHP is not so wide.

I just learn and teach Java Standard Edition, while there are Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE) and Java for Mobile (J2ME) too. Other, there is JSP. Don't forget Blackberry and Android using Java as their programming language. Java serves from Enterprise to mobile. We can make interactive games, database, science, geograhical application, etc using Java. Java for all.

PHP is good for enterprise and very strong in web development but it's utilize is not so strong for mobile device and can't use in making Interactive games.

4. So many syntax in Java . PHP has less.
It's so hard use so many syntax in Java, but luckily we are helped by IDE. There are some great IDE for Java. 2 of them and very well known are Eclipse and Netbeans. By using them, we are helped in highlighting, auto-completion, helper window,auto correction for some cases,etc.
I use Netbeans for PHP too. Netbeans is an open source great IDE for C/C++, PHP and Java.

I just mention 4 comparisons between Java and PHP. It doesn't mean that PHP is lower quality than Java particularly in web development. PHP is very good in web application development, even application for enterprise, you won't regret using PHP for web development, but of course you have to also use JavaScript, Html, CSS and Image processing to work with PHP. But for mobile, use Java.

I still choose PHP with other supporting scripts and tools as my main programming language not Java for today, because i am more familiar with PHP and have some experiences and portfolio in PHP application, but i am still eager to keep learn Java.