Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Why i use only Linux in my laptop and desktop ?

In a few days ago, saturday evening, 2 of my friends visited my parent's house where it is also my place to work. I am a freelancer in Web Development and Linux Consultant besides teaching in an academy and writing a book. My parent's house is my basecamp in Freelancer activity besides my own house. One of my friend said that i am a Linux mania, what 's going on with Linux, he asked himself ?. What is behind that ? At that time, i just quiet, no answer and i want to answer it here. An Answer for public.

There are some reasons why some people choose Linux only as his Operating System (OS). Some because Linux is free, gratis to get, immune from virus and stable particularly for a server. Here are my reasons choosing Linux only which i already use since about 4 years and about 9 years i use Linux together with another OS (at that time that another OS is illegal).

1. I am uncomfortable using illegal OS but i don't have enough money to buy all of software licenses for my pc. As i know, using illegal software is forbidden, in Islam terms, Haram and i am afraid using, moreover eating some haram things. This is my main reason. In Linux besides OS itself, i can get so many free softwares i can use. Not just free but a lot of them are good software and some of them amazing . Linux as OS is amazing.

2. I feel secure from virus and Linux security is very good.

3. I like Linux Openness. When we boot and shutdown our PC, we can see what process Linux is running.

I think those are some 3 reasons why i choose only use Linux in my PC. But that doesn't mean that i am anti proprietary software. Maybe if i need use a/some proprietary software in my pc i can install it and i try as possible as i can to use legal software but so far, Linux can fulfill almost all of my need in software except one, i can't install Internet Explorer for testing my web application or website compatibility running under it but it's okay , i just make sure my css is compatible for major browser including IE.

Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

Nice post,
I love this quote "I am uncomfortable using illegal OS but I don't have enough money to buy all of software licenses for my pc".. lol, we're the same..
I have another reason why I use GNU/Linux (special Slackware)

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Akhmad Sofwan said...

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