Sunday, July 17, 2011

For you, a computer science student, learn Programming well !

According to IEEE Computing Curricula 2005, there are 5 majors in computer science, they are : Computer Engineer (CE), Information Systems (IS), Computer Science (CS), Information Technology (IT) and Software Engineer (SE). Each has different subjects respectively, for example, for Computer Engineer, it consists subjects about Integration system development and for Software Engineering (SE) consists software development and SDLC. But all of them has programming fields that have to be mastered by students.

In Indonesia, in computer science faculty, we can find Teknik Informatika, Sistem Komputer, Sistem Informasi and Komputerisasi Akuntansi. They are derived from IEEE Computing curricula 2005 above. And also, programming is exists in all of majors and become core subject for computer science. So, every student has to learn and able in programming. But in fact, a lot of computer science students are not able in programming or just a low level in programming and worse for the final task the program or software is made by other people. The result after graduated, he/she could graduate with good GPA but low level in programming.

Good in programming not just for requirements to get good score but also for life skill in the future for every student and also we can learn easier other subjects such as networking and design if we already good in programming. Also learning programming can sharpen our logical and thinking ability.
The challenge in the future is predicted more complex and heavier than now so a degree is not enough to be "someone", there are other competency and skill need to be learned, such as programming, creativity and enterpreneurship.

You can be a network engineer, web designer or System Engineer but don't forget the programming skill.
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