Saturday, March 19, 2011

Linux for prosperity

A few weeks ago, there was an agricultural expo on Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta. Agrinex, is the name of that expo with the tag, "Agriculture for prosperity". I have another idea, "Linux for prosperity".

As we know, we can get Linux as Operating System and a lot of GNU license applications bundled with it freely, meaning, free to use, to distribute and to modify. By this principles, for someone like me :) who doesn't have much money, he/she doesn't need to spend a lot of money to buy software license for starting a business, which need software help. For example, for those who want to build an Internet Cafe, they just think about hardware, space rental and employee cost without need to allocate some money for buying software licenses. In Linux, he can download freely a certain distro (Linux distribution)  in internet, such as Mandriva, Fedora and Ubuntu. They can install it in all of PCs they have without thinking of license charge for every PC. There are some Linux distributions need to pay, but a little such as Redhat, most of distro is able to download and install freely.

In another example, for those who want to enter the freelance field in web development , but don't have much money for software licenses, Linux can be an alternative.They can use Linux for software or development tools. Not just free in charge but also he can get high quality OS and applications for building applications . He just think for computer and internet link, doesn't need to think about high-cost software licenses. By using Linux, the Not Have but Have skills and knowledge in Software Development should dare to have a dream for building a World class IT Firm which serves various clients from different countries, has some high quality products and of course very profitable and prospectable also useful for Nation economy movement in software industry.

In this article, i state that from Hopeless because lack of money to become Hopeful because of Linux and of course Allah Ta'ala's help we beg for it. We don't need to use illegal software because lack of money to start a business especially for software license cost. We can use Linux.

Currently Linux is not strong in Server Only, but also like a heaven for developers and good in Office Automation and also can be used for Image creation and manipulation. You can use Linux well if your business needs those requirements.
For game, it's a good too but , i realize, it's not in the same level with the proprietary software which very good in Heavy Games. So, for those who want to build a Game center, you still consider for using proprietary OS and proprietary game software :).
So, Let's work hard and work smart by using Linux. Change !

Note : Talking about Web Development tools or PHP Development tools in Linux, you can read more details here. It's in Bahasa.

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