Friday, February 18, 2011

Why i am comfortable with Netbeans IDE ?

I am a fulltime freelance web developer. My daily work is making website and web based application and i found comfortable with the tools i use.

One of a great tool i use for development is Netbeans, it's IDE or Integrated Development Environment. In web development i use some scripts such as php, code igniter php framework, java script, jquery js framework,css,mysql for database and of course html/xhtml and for the platform, i use Linux, mandriva 2010.1 spring. mandriva ... the great OS !!.

Back to the Netbeans, it is a great IDE for php programmer like me. In itself, it is said "A free, open-source Integrated Development Environment for software developers. You get all the tools you need to create professional desktop, enterprise, web, and mobile applications with the Java platform, as well as C/C++, PHP, JavaScript, Groovy, and Ruby". Yes, not only php, but also other programming language and script supported.

The site also mention "Netbeans IDE - The smart way to code" and i think it's true because netbeans give us as programmer, some great features to make us more productive and easier to code.

Some features i use and useful are :
- syntax highlighting : particularly on html script and open and close parenthesis, it's useful for me.
- projects window to display project's folder and its files inside
- Navigator window to display class and functions
- css helper
- variable helper
- etc

Netbeans also support for cake and zend framework but for framework i use, Code Igniter, it's not supported yet, but it's oke, current condition, it's still very useful and great IDE for Code Igniter PHP, because support for PHP,css and html also sql which they are used in Code Igniter Programming,but i hope in the future Netbeans also support for Code Igniter, considering that Code Igniter is also popular php framework.

Besides a php developer, i also teach some classes in an IT campus ,I use java for programming language and again, i use Netbeans. In Java, the excellency of Netbeans is greater than in PHP, no wonder, because Netbeans created by java and well known in Java Environment. I found Netbeans syntax helper is very useful and great and Netbeans provides for creating GUI like Visual Basic, drag and drop the components.

Before use netbeans, i have ever use other great IDE, made by Java and it's a great IDE too but Netbeans provides more useful features and until right now, i feel comfort with it.

Is there other great IDE there ?. I am sure of course yes, the free and open source or the commercial product. Let's say, Eclipse for free tool and Zend Studio for commercial product. I ever use eclipse and i found it's good IDE for php programmer and i am sure it's great for java developer. For Zend Studio, i have never use but i have ever heard that it's great IDE for PHP, the best one, and i believe it, considering zend is one and the best php company in the world founded by PHP master, Zeev Suraski and Andi Gutmans.Both of them also create php above version 3.0.

Netbeans is free to download and we can make a commercial application use it. The IDE is keep in development to be better and now it's on 6.9.1 version. I wonder, why netbeans developer want to develop a great and free to use application ? without charge and it's also for other open source developer too. Thank you so much for them, i appreciate highly what you have done.

So, if you are a C/C++, Java or PHP programmer, and want to use one of the best IDE, why not try netbeans ?.

For more details about Netbeans, please visit the Netbeans website


clod said...

I prefer Codelobster PHP Edition
It has better support for many famous PHP frameworks.

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