Friday, October 15, 2010

Be a Lecturer

Alhamdulillah, currently i am a Lecturer in STMIK Raharja, Tangerang, but however i still make an enterpreneur in IT particularly in Web Development and Linux Solution is my main job. So now i am an IT Enterpreneur and Freelancer, a Lecturer and also a writer. As a writer,i write a book, blog and articles.
For this semester, i teach 3 subjects, they are : Algorithm, Data Structure and Java Programming.

Doing 3 those jobs simultaneously is fun but very busy and i am afraid i can't run one of them or all of them smoothly. But because teaching and writing i design not take so much my time, still coding and running business as my main job, i am sure i can run those activities well. Or perhaps i can say Teaching and Writing is not my job, it is passion. Whatever ... the most important thing, i like those activities, programming, business, teaching, writing and learning.

Besides that, i have other tasks, such as learning Islam (mengaji) for some times in a week, take care of my family and others. Actually, being busy is fun, moreover if we love what we do.

As a lecturer, our main task is teaching students in a class, checking their assignments, making a presentation slide and writing for some articles. Writing some articles in a journal is also an activity we should do for sharing and testing our knowledge with others.

Actually, teaching is something fun and by teaching we are learning too. Our knowledge will increase and stronger by teaching,reading and analyzing. Doesn't we have to read and analyze something while we are teaching or preparing for teaching a subject ?.

In Computer, Consulting or programming ,teaching and writing are activities that related each other. By do some projects in Software(act as a consultant), we actually implement our skill and knowledge we have and with that experience we can say something real in business together with text book theory in front of class, so we know both of theory and implementation well. Students will get better knowledge than if we teach by Text book only.

Sometimes, theory in text book is not adequate or not match in implementation itself, not because the theory is wrong, but because the condition need more or different such as the most update technology and clients demanded.

For example, if we learn about Web Programming in PHP, we learn about PHP language, pure PHP and maybe students think after completed the course, they can handle an Intermediate project well. Unfortunately, although they pass with score "A", i think they still can't handle a project yet, because what they get indeed just a basic PHP and so many skills and tools required for handle an intermediate class project well. They have to know advanced level of PHP, they also need to know web Design in CSS and graphics which not learn in Web Programming class and they have to use framework in PHP and Java Script well such as Cake, Code Igniter for PHP and Jquery for Java Script and last but not least, they have to know Ajax too.

So, actually, learning in class is not enough yet to work in real Programming Business, students have to upgrade their own knowledge and skill ,suitable for Business needs, moreover Business in Programming or Software Consultant is not talk about technically aspect itself but also inter personal skill, communication skill, marketing and ethics. Every student must the ability to learn by himself, learn something new and learn to extend the knowledge given in class.

But this is also a lecturer obligation, how to explain to students that in outer there the situation is like this and that. The lecturer who also a consultant has a higher value than those who not and i hope i will be one of them, a good consultant, a good businessman as well as a good lecturer. I hope and i will work hard for that. Amiin. May Allah Bless me.

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