Saturday, May 29, 2010

When i fail to get a Scholarship

On 2 days ago, May 28 2010,friday, i received a mail which informed me that i am fail in Scholarship screening whereas it is fail on document short listed. I even did not attend an interview or a test on the screening. The committee decided me that i am not eligible on the first screening with some other candidates. Am i disappointed ?, of course yes, because i hope to get that scholarship to continue my study to a higher level (S2) in a prominent university majoring in computer science.

I think there are some minus value on my application. One of them is i don't fill any English Score because i don't have it. I think it was not a mandatory factor because i apply for a domestic university but it is a very important and other candidates perhaps has a high English score, so i lose on that. I have never took an Institutional Testing English like TOEFL and IELTS. I want to take a TOEFL in this year, hopefully i get a good score and also i want to took a TPA (Academic Potential Testing) Bappenas in this year too.

But from that failure, i have another thought, although i am eligible to receive a scholarship, i am not object to pay the tuition fee by myself as long as i have enough money because i am a freelancer and enterpreneur and i want to become a Scholarship donor for the Not Have later, i want to become a succesful and useful enterpreneur. I want to get much progress in my business and get a lot of money so money is not a problem for me to continue my study using my own money and also can help other people to get education. Not as a Scholarship receiver although eligible but be as a Scholarship donor, that's my dream.

Today, besides running my business i am preparing to get a TOEFL testing and TPA Bappenas also still continue learn computer subject in informal , autodidact,Internet but not in formal education yet.

In short i like better to pay my own tuition fee and become a Scholarship donor than a Scholarship receiver.

Hopefully, Allah will help me for this, Amiin.

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nancy john said...

That's really helpful for their part especially that they were trying to have a better way on running a certain matter for them to give students a better way of education than what they used to.

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