Saturday, March 27, 2010

Makrab HIMTI 2010

On 19 - 21 of March 2010, a week ago, i attended a Makrab or Friendship Evening held by Himti (Himpunan Mahasiswa Teknik Informatika) Universitas Budi Luhur. It held on Cisarua, West Java. There, we have some programmes such as lecturing about computer subject, Out door games and having a talk with Alumni members. I myself gave 2 lecturers, one was about IT freelancing and Enterpreneurship and another was about Web Development using PHP.

In General, we enjoy the program, we can learn and cheer together although just 18 members were join on this program, not so many actually but it helped by so many alumni members were join on this program particularly on the second day, saturday evening. They came on the location by various ways, using a car or using motorcycles together or touring and also some Himti members are involved in this program.So, so many people cheers and sharing joys in this moment.

I am included as an alumni member, i was join Himti on 1999 - 2001 periodes. It was 2 periodes with different Himti chairman but on same position.
At that time i lead Research and Development departement and currently that departement is still exist.

I decided to went home earlier together with one Himti Member, named Iin by motorcycle on sunday morning because ... have to prepare for a seminar tomorrow in Singapore (No, that's still a dream) :). Because .... i want to attend a martial art practice on SMAN 63 on Sunday morning and go to Marriage party . But both of them were cancelled because i was very tired on sunday morning and my wife had been attended the party with her friend after took a lecture in her campus. I just attended an Islamic speech (Pengajian) in a mosque near my home at night.

At last, Thank you for the organize committee who organized this program well, it was as an experience for you to learn about organization, interaction and socialization where you can't get in campus class. I hope i can meet you one day and can contribute what i have for you and for other people as well as learning new from you too.

Thank you and see you.