Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Upgrade to Mandriva 2010

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Woe carries joy, this happened to me regarding on my Computer System. I used Mandriva 2009 in my Laptop but something bad happened when i used root login, i erased folder "usr" accidentally although not all of files in it because i escaped when the deleting process under progress but it was enough to made my laptop could not run well. I could not use my laptop. I tried some ways to make my computer system back from system recovery until re-install without format the partition, but not worked.

Finally,I had to reinstalled the system from the beginning so i think it was better also migrate to Linux Mandriva 2010 free from Linux Mandriva 2009 free, OS i used before.

I installed from the beginning Mandriva 2010 and add the drivers needed, hopefully only one, Graphic driver, the rest the OS handled automatically. I also need to contact support ISP for make my internet connection back and add all of applications needed, such as : KCHMViewer, Lampp, Netbeans,Opera Browser and Pidgin.

Talking about data, fortunately i have backup although it was not a good backup but i think it is quite helpful and from now on i want to make my Backup data better to avoid data losing which can make me crying ;).

Talking aboout Pidgin, it is a great and amazing Messenger. It has supported a lot of protocols such as Yahoo, MSN, GoogleTalk and AIM. And it supports Facebook chat too although it's not installed automatically with Pidgin installation, we have to install the facebook plugin by ourselves but the installation is not difficult and there are some manuals we can read to install it, official manual as well as personal manual, written by other people who write their experience and knowledge about Pidgin Plugin facebook.
If you often chat including using facebook chatting while you do your assignments in your pc, i suggest you to use chat messenger like Pidgin, It helps you to make your facebook activity more practical and easier such as, avoid break connection, keep log chat well and doesn't need to open facebook page so often.

By using Mandriva 2010 free which the newest distro from Mandriva and also back up with internet connection and all of applications running in it, currently i have the more powerful computer system and hopefully it could make me to be more productive and more comfortable in all of my Computer activities particularly in coding, design, writing,browsing and chatting ;).

Last but not least, i got Mandriva 2010 very cheap, i just spent Rp.40.000,- to get it from a Linux Distro shop, i bought the DVD and i get vast benefits comparing if use proprietary software.

Thank You.

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