Friday, February 12, 2010

Keep Writing without too think deeply about the reader

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I am an Indonesian and all of my friends are Indonesian too who we are easier to communicate in Indonesian language .But i write in this Blog in English since some times ago and i think most of topics i have written are serious topics so perhaps my blog is not popular. Luckily, my main purpose to write in English is practise my english written and make myself accustom in writing. I got English training several years ago but now, i am not join in any english classes but i want to make my english better so i have to practise english by myself.One of the ways is writing in English.

I am sure there are so many benefits for ourselves by writing although our article doesn't read by anyone. But however i am happy if so many people visits my Blog to read what i write.

Not only English, i also write in Indonesia too for some articles but not in this Blog.I try to make my Blog are most of or all of articles in English since some times ago.But maybe one day i change my mind regarding with my writing style.

Keep Writing.

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