Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Education is not only formal education

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I am a Bachelor degree graduate from a University in Jakarta majoring in Informatics. Today is about 9 years from my graduation year and actually i want to to extend my study to the higher level, a postgraduate in domestic university considering extend my study in abroad is very difficult, not just about money but about other sacrifices as well as i think domestic university is enough to give me additional knowledge in computer science particularly in Software Engineering.
I can not reach that dream currently because of several reasons.

But i realize that education is not just a formal education, i can study from other resources , they are reading materials (books, magazines, newspapers), clever people or teacher (asking,discussion, sharing) by joining forum, take courses, visitation and make a conversation and don't forget, internet, yeah internet currently grows so fast to become an information source and communication tool to get informed,smart and connected.

Autodidact and make learning as the tradition is an important key to reach skill and information. Currently i am a web developer and most of skill and information i have now in Web Development is from autodidact process.

A lot of people who just get a low education (not enter university) is successfully do their activities as businessman, farmer and other occupation. It's not they do the activity without knowledge related they just have low formal education,they know well what they do and they get the knowledge outside formal education such as by autodidact, learn surrounding well and learn from past experiences also from reading materials.That's an example, that a low educated man in formal education also able to achieve success in his life.Knowledge and skill we can get from a lot of ways not from merely formal education.

However, if i have a chance in the future, i hope i can continue my formal education in Software Engineering, because i am sure although there are so many ways to get knowledge beside take formal education, formal education still provides different benefits and useful for myself.
Hopefully in the future.Amiin.