Sunday, October 31, 2010

Makrab of HIMTI of Universitas Budi Luhur on Oct 29 - 31, 2010

Tonight, i just arrived at home from Puncak, West Java where familiarise night (malam keakraban (makrab)) was done well, Alhamdulillah. The program was held on 29 - 31 of Oct 2010. I went to the location together with members of Makrab and the organizing committee by 2 middle size bus of campus. The program was participated by about 40 members and 20 Himti members add with some HIMTI Alumni including me. This Makrab was organized by HIMTI (Himpunan Mahasiswa Teknik Informatika) Universitas Budi Luhur, Jakarta. I am as an alumni of HIMTI. I was a coordinator of R & D on periode 1999 - 2000 and 2000 - 2001.

We went there at friday afternoon, 17.00 and arrived at the destination at about 19.30. The committee rent a big villa and it's enough to load all of participants.

The first night, we have dinner and opening program before went to slept. Tomorrow, saturday, Oct 30 2010, first ,we had a morning exercise, breakfast and having a lecturer. I delivered the first lecturer with a theme, "Mau ke mana setelah lulus kuliah ?". It took about 45 minutes and no question from the members. Actually, i like one or some questions in that lecturer, so there was a discussion and exchange information between us, me and the members.

There was also a second lecturer, delivered from one of committee member, it was Flash training. It took a sample program in game flash. Lunch at the noon and on the afternoon about 16.00 - 18.00, we had a field game but i could not join the game, because at the same time, The big match party, Persija vs Persib was held, live on Antv and for me, moreover i can watch it on TV, is difficult to miss it :). The match was end by Persija Winning over Persib 3 - 0. Mmh, not useless miss the game, I am apologize for this.

At night, saturday night, there are some alumni of Himti came to the villa, by car and motorcycle. And at that night too, a campfire was held along a performance of play from each group. Talking about groups, the committee divided the members into some groups, if not mistaken, 4 groups. After the plays, alumni of HIMTI introduced themselves, one by one at that night. The program ends about 24.00.

After that, we entered to the villa and went to bed but some of us did other activities such as talk together and watched TV. I chose went to bed.
On the tomorrow morning, we went to a camping area near the villa, it was about 1 km far. We walked there together and along the way, we enjoyed the scene view and took some pictures. On the destination, we stopped at the cold clear water river. We took some pictures and enjoy the river. I even plop in the river, mmmh ... it's cold and fresh.

The activities continued at the villa, some of them played football, went swimming in the pool and some of them went slept, maybe continued their unwell sleep at night ..:).

On the afternoon,there was a talked, we gathered in a room. the members uttered about his own impression and message after joining in this Makrab, the conclusion was they were happy and satisfied although there are some minus point in some things . I think the overall is, the Makrab was Great !.

At 14.00, it was time for prepared to left the Villa but before that we took some pictures .. Again ...
And about 14.15, we entered the bus to back to Jakarta. We stopped at one place to bought something to bring to our home respectively.

There was something extra ordinary happened in my bus while the bus on the way , there was a member, female, who entered by jinn, female jinn exactly. The jinn promised to got out from her body if all of us apologized to her because we had disturbed her when we played at the pool, uttered her. Yes, on saturday afternoon, we played a game and there was plopped a person into a pool , of course with scream, laugh and run also pulled each other.wet ..wet ..wet. Alhamdulillah, the Jinn got out after all of us apologized to her but there was also effort to forced her to got out from the body, because even though all of us had apologized to her, she seem not went out from her body, i recited some Al-quran text which i think could make her to went back to her place.

This was my first experience to saw a man which entered by Jinn. Before this, i just heard from story of my friend about a man entered by Jinn. Something extraordinary i think.

Concurrently with Azan of Isya, we arrived at our campus, Universitas Budi Luhur and we went home to continue our daily life respectively.

The Conclusion is We had made a great moment in Makrab.


This article is for short informal personal documentation and dedicated to the Organizing Committee who had worked hard to made this Makrab run successfully. Thank you for your invitation to me.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Be a Lecturer

Alhamdulillah, currently i am a Lecturer in STMIK Raharja, Tangerang, but however i still make an enterpreneur in IT particularly in Web Development and Linux Solution is my main job. So now i am an IT Enterpreneur and Freelancer, a Lecturer and also a writer. As a writer,i write a book, blog and articles.
For this semester, i teach 3 subjects, they are : Algorithm, Data Structure and Java Programming.

Doing 3 those jobs simultaneously is fun but very busy and i am afraid i can't run one of them or all of them smoothly. But because teaching and writing i design not take so much my time, still coding and running business as my main job, i am sure i can run those activities well. Or perhaps i can say Teaching and Writing is not my job, it is passion. Whatever ... the most important thing, i like those activities, programming, business, teaching, writing and learning.

Besides that, i have other tasks, such as learning Islam (mengaji) for some times in a week, take care of my family and others. Actually, being busy is fun, moreover if we love what we do.

As a lecturer, our main task is teaching students in a class, checking their assignments, making a presentation slide and writing for some articles. Writing some articles in a journal is also an activity we should do for sharing and testing our knowledge with others.

Actually, teaching is something fun and by teaching we are learning too. Our knowledge will increase and stronger by teaching,reading and analyzing. Doesn't we have to read and analyze something while we are teaching or preparing for teaching a subject ?.

In Computer, Consulting or programming ,teaching and writing are activities that related each other. By do some projects in Software(act as a consultant), we actually implement our skill and knowledge we have and with that experience we can say something real in business together with text book theory in front of class, so we know both of theory and implementation well. Students will get better knowledge than if we teach by Text book only.

Sometimes, theory in text book is not adequate or not match in implementation itself, not because the theory is wrong, but because the condition need more or different such as the most update technology and clients demanded.

For example, if we learn about Web Programming in PHP, we learn about PHP language, pure PHP and maybe students think after completed the course, they can handle an Intermediate project well. Unfortunately, although they pass with score "A", i think they still can't handle a project yet, because what they get indeed just a basic PHP and so many skills and tools required for handle an intermediate class project well. They have to know advanced level of PHP, they also need to know web Design in CSS and graphics which not learn in Web Programming class and they have to use framework in PHP and Java Script well such as Cake, Code Igniter for PHP and Jquery for Java Script and last but not least, they have to know Ajax too.

So, actually, learning in class is not enough yet to work in real Programming Business, students have to upgrade their own knowledge and skill ,suitable for Business needs, moreover Business in Programming or Software Consultant is not talk about technically aspect itself but also inter personal skill, communication skill, marketing and ethics. Every student must the ability to learn by himself, learn something new and learn to extend the knowledge given in class.

But this is also a lecturer obligation, how to explain to students that in outer there the situation is like this and that. The lecturer who also a consultant has a higher value than those who not and i hope i will be one of them, a good consultant, a good businessman as well as a good lecturer. I hope and i will work hard for that. Amiin. May Allah Bless me.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Be a Web Developer 2.0
Currently I am an Enterpreneur and a fulltime freelance web Developer and also Linux Consultant and i enjoy my job. Before, i wrote an article with the title Be a Web Developer on September 2008. At that time i just accepted as a web programmer in a company on West Jakarta and i was learning Code Igniter PHP Framework.

Alhamdulillah, currently i feel much progress in my web development skill and i already have some good portfolios in web development. I understand quite well Code Igniter, i also know Jquery, PDF Library for php, Graphics Flash for PHP, Ajax,CSS,MySql and others while on 2008, i am new in Web Development. But although there is much progress, i also know that there's a lot of i don't know yet in Web Development, there are a lot of information in manual that i don't read yet or Jquery Syntax that i don't understand yet. So, i have to learn more about Web Development but i enjoy it.

Web development in Linux environment is my passion and i want to become Advanced Web Developer equal with the Top Web Developers in the world. Besides always learning, i like to teach those who wants to know about Web Development.

This is an era for me that i call "Be a Web Developer 2.0", second phase for me. Not just in Web Programming but also in Web design, web security and so many about Web that i want to know. I also want to know more and refresh in computer science theory such as Database, Algorithm, Software Engineering and System Information Management.

Writing a book is also i want to do, hopefully one day not in a long time, i can do it, Amiin.

In the other side, i want to become an enterpreneur in Web Development and Linux, i want to have a company. I hope Allah always help and protect me in struggling to become a powerful and useful Web Developer in the World.Amiin.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

When i fail to get a Scholarship

On 2 days ago, May 28 2010,friday, i received a mail which informed me that i am fail in Scholarship screening whereas it is fail on document short listed. I even did not attend an interview or a test on the screening. The committee decided me that i am not eligible on the first screening with some other candidates. Am i disappointed ?, of course yes, because i hope to get that scholarship to continue my study to a higher level (S2) in a prominent university majoring in computer science.

I think there are some minus value on my application. One of them is i don't fill any English Score because i don't have it. I think it was not a mandatory factor because i apply for a domestic university but it is a very important and other candidates perhaps has a high English score, so i lose on that. I have never took an Institutional Testing English like TOEFL and IELTS. I want to take a TOEFL in this year, hopefully i get a good score and also i want to took a TPA (Academic Potential Testing) Bappenas in this year too.

But from that failure, i have another thought, although i am eligible to receive a scholarship, i am not object to pay the tuition fee by myself as long as i have enough money because i am a freelancer and enterpreneur and i want to become a Scholarship donor for the Not Have later, i want to become a succesful and useful enterpreneur. I want to get much progress in my business and get a lot of money so money is not a problem for me to continue my study using my own money and also can help other people to get education. Not as a Scholarship receiver although eligible but be as a Scholarship donor, that's my dream.

Today, besides running my business i am preparing to get a TOEFL testing and TPA Bappenas also still continue learn computer subject in informal , autodidact,Internet but not in formal education yet.

In short i like better to pay my own tuition fee and become a Scholarship donor than a Scholarship receiver.

Hopefully, Allah will help me for this, Amiin.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Reunion of former students 97 of SMAN 63 JKT on April 2010

On Saturday, saturday afternoon and night exactly on Oh la la cafe, Bintaro Plaza, South Jakarta, April 17th 2010,i attended a small reunioun of former student of SMAN 63 Jakarta, year 1997. I call a small reunion, because it just attended by about 40 participants, not so many if we compare with the total number of former students of year 1997, it's about 337, but i think it was a great reunion, because 40 friends were so many, regarding it planned in a short time and in a practical way. Imagine, we decided the cafe just see and enter directly, not order first, Alhamdulillah, we found a comfortable place to load about 40 persons . In addition i myself knew that message 2 or 3 days before the reunion had held from facebook.The program planned in a short time but we did.Alhamdulillah.

The ambience of that reunion is quite cheerful, we share stories and asking about our friends dispatches which is so many each of us have not been met for a long time. It's nice to meet again. Some friends have married already and even has kids including me, i have 2 kids but some not yet, hopefully for those who haven't married yet, Allah gives you a suitable couple for you.Amiin.

This is a second reunion i attended after a reunion in Blok M Plaza at Solaria restaurant on month of Ramadhan 1430 H/ August or September 2009, break fasting together. The previous reunion just attended about 25 friends. On this reunion,The program was just talk and meet together and taking some pictures. After that, we uploaded the pictures on Facebook and commenting them :).

In general, the program was great. I noticed the lack was about the food, the food price was expensive and not make us full, because the cafe just provide d drinking water and breads, not rice. Yes, it is a cafe not restaurant and i am not accustomed with cafe, just my fault ? maybe. Other lack was, there were some glasses fell down on the floor accidentally but it just nothing, i hope. But those could not influent the cheerful of the reunion. Meet and share first, food later :).However, The reunion was still great and unforgetable.

Unfortunately, i don't know the end of the reunion, because at about 20:30, before the program end, i went home earlier because of something, but at least i spent the major time on that reunion. And hopefully i did not miss something important at the end of program.

Thank you friends and hopefully we can meet together in the next opportunity with more friends can join and Wish us Luck in our daily life . Amiin.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Makrab HIMTI 2010

On 19 - 21 of March 2010, a week ago, i attended a Makrab or Friendship Evening held by Himti (Himpunan Mahasiswa Teknik Informatika) Universitas Budi Luhur. It held on Cisarua, West Java. There, we have some programmes such as lecturing about computer subject, Out door games and having a talk with Alumni members. I myself gave 2 lecturers, one was about IT freelancing and Enterpreneurship and another was about Web Development using PHP.

In General, we enjoy the program, we can learn and cheer together although just 18 members were join on this program, not so many actually but it helped by so many alumni members were join on this program particularly on the second day, saturday evening. They came on the location by various ways, using a car or using motorcycles together or touring and also some Himti members are involved in this program.So, so many people cheers and sharing joys in this moment.

I am included as an alumni member, i was join Himti on 1999 - 2001 periodes. It was 2 periodes with different Himti chairman but on same position.
At that time i lead Research and Development departement and currently that departement is still exist.

I decided to went home earlier together with one Himti Member, named Iin by motorcycle on sunday morning because ... have to prepare for a seminar tomorrow in Singapore (No, that's still a dream) :). Because .... i want to attend a martial art practice on SMAN 63 on Sunday morning and go to Marriage party . But both of them were cancelled because i was very tired on sunday morning and my wife had been attended the party with her friend after took a lecture in her campus. I just attended an Islamic speech (Pengajian) in a mosque near my home at night.

At last, Thank you for the organize committee who organized this program well, it was as an experience for you to learn about organization, interaction and socialization where you can't get in campus class. I hope i can meet you one day and can contribute what i have for you and for other people as well as learning new from you too.

Thank you and see you.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Keep Writing without too think deeply about the reader

image :
I am an Indonesian and all of my friends are Indonesian too who we are easier to communicate in Indonesian language .But i write in this Blog in English since some times ago and i think most of topics i have written are serious topics so perhaps my blog is not popular. Luckily, my main purpose to write in English is practise my english written and make myself accustom in writing. I got English training several years ago but now, i am not join in any english classes but i want to make my english better so i have to practise english by myself.One of the ways is writing in English.

I am sure there are so many benefits for ourselves by writing although our article doesn't read by anyone. But however i am happy if so many people visits my Blog to read what i write.

Not only English, i also write in Indonesia too for some articles but not in this Blog.I try to make my Blog are most of or all of articles in English since some times ago.But maybe one day i change my mind regarding with my writing style.

Keep Writing.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Upgrade to Mandriva 2010

Image :

Woe carries joy, this happened to me regarding on my Computer System. I used Mandriva 2009 in my Laptop but something bad happened when i used root login, i erased folder "usr" accidentally although not all of files in it because i escaped when the deleting process under progress but it was enough to made my laptop could not run well. I could not use my laptop. I tried some ways to make my computer system back from system recovery until re-install without format the partition, but not worked.

Finally,I had to reinstalled the system from the beginning so i think it was better also migrate to Linux Mandriva 2010 free from Linux Mandriva 2009 free, OS i used before.

I installed from the beginning Mandriva 2010 and add the drivers needed, hopefully only one, Graphic driver, the rest the OS handled automatically. I also need to contact support ISP for make my internet connection back and add all of applications needed, such as : KCHMViewer, Lampp, Netbeans,Opera Browser and Pidgin.

Talking about data, fortunately i have backup although it was not a good backup but i think it is quite helpful and from now on i want to make my Backup data better to avoid data losing which can make me crying ;).

Talking aboout Pidgin, it is a great and amazing Messenger. It has supported a lot of protocols such as Yahoo, MSN, GoogleTalk and AIM. And it supports Facebook chat too although it's not installed automatically with Pidgin installation, we have to install the facebook plugin by ourselves but the installation is not difficult and there are some manuals we can read to install it, official manual as well as personal manual, written by other people who write their experience and knowledge about Pidgin Plugin facebook.
If you often chat including using facebook chatting while you do your assignments in your pc, i suggest you to use chat messenger like Pidgin, It helps you to make your facebook activity more practical and easier such as, avoid break connection, keep log chat well and doesn't need to open facebook page so often.

By using Mandriva 2010 free which the newest distro from Mandriva and also back up with internet connection and all of applications running in it, currently i have the more powerful computer system and hopefully it could make me to be more productive and more comfortable in all of my Computer activities particularly in coding, design, writing,browsing and chatting ;).

Last but not least, i got Mandriva 2010 very cheap, i just spent Rp.40.000,- to get it from a Linux Distro shop, i bought the DVD and i get vast benefits comparing if use proprietary software.

Thank You.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Education is not only formal education

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I am a Bachelor degree graduate from a University in Jakarta majoring in Informatics. Today is about 9 years from my graduation year and actually i want to to extend my study to the higher level, a postgraduate in domestic university considering extend my study in abroad is very difficult, not just about money but about other sacrifices as well as i think domestic university is enough to give me additional knowledge in computer science particularly in Software Engineering.
I can not reach that dream currently because of several reasons.

But i realize that education is not just a formal education, i can study from other resources , they are reading materials (books, magazines, newspapers), clever people or teacher (asking,discussion, sharing) by joining forum, take courses, visitation and make a conversation and don't forget, internet, yeah internet currently grows so fast to become an information source and communication tool to get informed,smart and connected.

Autodidact and make learning as the tradition is an important key to reach skill and information. Currently i am a web developer and most of skill and information i have now in Web Development is from autodidact process.

A lot of people who just get a low education (not enter university) is successfully do their activities as businessman, farmer and other occupation. It's not they do the activity without knowledge related they just have low formal education,they know well what they do and they get the knowledge outside formal education such as by autodidact, learn surrounding well and learn from past experiences also from reading materials.That's an example, that a low educated man in formal education also able to achieve success in his life.Knowledge and skill we can get from a lot of ways not from merely formal education.

However, if i have a chance in the future, i hope i can continue my formal education in Software Engineering, because i am sure although there are so many ways to get knowledge beside take formal education, formal education still provides different benefits and useful for myself.
Hopefully in the future.Amiin.