Thursday, December 31, 2009

Having private Internet connection. What's next ?

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I just have a new private Internet connection which i install on my work place at my parent's home where that's a place for me to work as a full time freelance web developer. I use Telkom Speedy on family package unlimited. It's something new and amazing to me to have my own internet connection. The question, what's next ?.

I hope it is support my work as a full time freelance web developer to get connected with other people, to get much information and knowledge i want to know. In the other hand it can make me to give more contributions for people by sharing my knowledge not just taking it.

Before have this, i usually go to an Internet cafe to get Internet access and sometimes i have to go for more than once in a day while i have to get a walk for some minutes to get there.

I hope i will be much better in my business and my intellectual activity as well as my social activity.Hopefully.