Sunday, October 05, 2008

Yes, I am Betawi

So many people when I meet at the first time or at the early time ask me, where do you come from, meaning what is your tribe, I say Jakarta or Betawi. Betawi ... has some negative impressions in people head, such as lazy, rude, low educated and has more than one wife for the rich. Are the titles right or not ? , some Betawi people yes but not all of betawi people.
I want to say that because of changing of the community and environment fastly, make Betawi people is not like the titles above at all, a lot of Young Betawi is well educated, hardworking and diligent because their place, Jakarta is a place full of challenging and opportinities, they have to compete with other people come from out of Jakarta to looking for a better life.
The situation is really different, they used to has a large land and can sell some of them easily to get money but now, the land change become rental house or change the possession. If you are Betawi, don't ashame to confess it because good or bad you are, not because of your tribe but because of you yourself.

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