Monday, September 08, 2008

The This Ramadhan and the previous one

We still in Ramadhan now, Alhamdulillah, Allah still gives us the oppurtinity to life until this Ramadhan and the rest is our business, do we use Ramadhan Optimally or Minimally. A lot of us feel time goes on so fast so we think The previous Ramadhan is not a long time ago and we still remember well what was happening in the previous Ramadhan. Of course this Ramadhan is not same with the previous one, because time is change for community and for each of us. In my opinion, there is no significant situation between two of Ramadhans, but I see there are some differences between them. Actually, I compare the different situation to see whether there is a betterment, same or worse.
We still find the big part of the community is still difficult in economy although economy in Indonesia is grow up, but still not enough yet and equally or entirely. Oke, let's talk about the differences. Some differences, such as :
There are some banners in street we often see from political parties to just say Happy fasting or something like that and also the banners come from a man who will be candidate for the House in the next election. They use this moment to campaign them selves but I don't have to know whether the main objective is to say Happy fasting and Ramadhan or campaign the political party but in this Ramadhan, the situation is in preparing for the Election.

Other difference is we cook use gas now because of Government project to convert from oil to gas, but we find it not to make us more welfare at least until right now. Although the using of gas is more practical but the price is not cheap for some of us and there is a worry in price increasing of small tube of gas but hopefully not.

Those are two of differences I see between this Ramadhan and the previous one. In general, so far the security is still good and under control and although we still difficult to reach the welfare but people is still patient and keep fighting to survive from day to day, salute for the people.
Fo me myself, I have my own note but I can't display in this blog.

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