Monday, September 08, 2008

Be a Web Developer

Coincide with Sept 1 08 or Ramadhan 1 1429, I accepted as a PHP Programmer in a company, Alhamdulillah. Before this job, I already work for 3 companies by using .., I say low-Intermediate level computer skill, a Technical Support, a data Processing but not statistical spesialize and a Helpdesk. Being a PHP Programmer or as a Web Developer is my dream job, the job need deep learning and chance to become a Top Programmer who will be high paid and another thing is could be more useful for others.

Besides that, I already declare myself to become a Freelance Web Developer to provide Website and Web based Application Building service and that job need several skills, such as Web Design and Web Programming. I hope in the future I will have my own company or joint business in Web Development and other IT Services, because I don't want to just only have one income source, I want have a lot of income sources, come from several directions and it will happen if we become an Enterpreneur or at least 2 income sources and it means besides be an employee I have to have a side job. Right now, besides as employee in a company my side job is a Freelance Web Developer and a writer.

Today, I learn a new Tool in Programming, it is Code Igniter. Code Igniter is a PHP Framework, my company wants I create an application using that tool, because the company think it help us to create an application faster and better but the cost is I need time and effort to learn that tool, but Alhamdulillah, now i can use that tool quite good. Actually I happy to learn that tool, because it will become my additional skill and in the future the tool is more demanded by people, it means I prepare for facing the future, right ?. That's all.

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