Thursday, August 14, 2008

Useful Technology or High Tech Technology

Technology is for better life. When we use technology, we should prefer the suitable technology for our needs not just follow today mode. For example, in a campus there is Education System built with Clipper and then they move to Oracle, if the reason is just follow the Technology, using more update technology, i think it's a mistake but if the reason, there is a need to be fulfilled such as, the database grow so fast and Clipper database is so limited in keeping amounts of record, we must choose other technology which offer better technology in database, that's a clever choice.

Other example is, it's a pity that we just need a computer for Word Processor and Spreadsheet activity only and we choose very advanced technology including graphics and sound system, while in the other hand we can use our money for other more useful needs.
In a web technology, we can use GPL CMS such as Mambo and Joomla to create a beautiful and great website with cheap cost for our client but we choose build it from scratch and using our own code while the client just need simple specification and of course happier getting a cheap price. We just to show our skillfull coding as the main priority but can make increase the price, the time and energy, we don't focus with the client need and want.
In short, technology should be for increase our welfare as well as fulfill our needs not just boosting the Technology development itself, but it doesn't mean that it's a mistake to get technology better but our main priority is technology for human being including fulfilled our needs as the first option. (sofwan)

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