Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Friendly Linux

It's about 2 years i use Linux only without other Operating System in my home. Started from Dual Boot Linux and Windows, at the first time, i installed Linux Mandrake 9.1 and then move to Mandrake 9.2 and currently i use Mandriva 2007 and Fedora Core 9.0 as my second OS. I have ever tried various kinds of Linux such as, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Slackware and Suse but i feel accustome and comfortable with Mandriva 2007 right now since it knows all of my hardwares including Onboard sound hardware without a lot of configuration or detect hardware automatically. I don't need Windows at all at my home, because Linux is better from time to time and eventhough we find som troubles but the solution we can find out there in Internet, books or magazine or reading manual provided.

Although i have Fedora Core 9.0 with some newer applications than Mandriva 2007 has, but Fedora Core 9.0 does not know my sound hardware automatically, i still don't know until now how to solve that problem. Before that i also ever try Mandriva 2008, the newer version than Mandriva 2007, but Mandriva 2008 doesn't include PHP in it's DVD, so i can't install it automatically.

Currently, i use Mandriva 2007 for all of my computing activities except write a book about GIMP, i use Fedore Core 9.0, because fedora has newer version of GIMP and i intend to the reader out there for my GIMP Book. There is a problem to Install the newest version of GIMP at Mandriva 2007, because the newest version need newer GTK+ 2 than what Mandriva 2007 has. Ease comes from custom and learning. That's all.

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irtiza said...

hi...thnx 4 visiting my site...i came to see ur template...good luck my friend.