Monday, August 25, 2008

Facing fasting month

For about one more week, we will enter month of Ramadhan based on Islamic calendar, a month of full of bless and forgiveness from Allah from those who do fasting and other worships. The prophet Muhammad SAW, urged us as his followers to prepare for entering Ramadhan 2 months before from Rajab, a month before Ramadhan and Sya'ban in order to make us ready to do more prays in Ramadhan including fasting.

As we Know, Allah promise us to give much more bless and rewards for our prays in Ramadhan than in other months in a year. In Indonesia the situation is different between Ramadhan and non Ramadhan, because most of Indonesia people are moslems and also we have some traditions in Ramadhan such as break fasting together in mosques or in a family and preparation for Lebaran in the end of Ramadhan but of course we have to more attention for Islamic teaching itself than the traditions, because our hope is get more kindness will come from how far we do Islamic prays and teachings.

It's a pity that from ramadhan year to year seems is not different significantly in spirit of prays, i mean only in the beginning of Ramadhan mosques are full by people but come to the middle and the end, the people less enthusiasts to fulfilled the mosques anymore and give more attention to markets and make a preparation for Lebaran. I hope there is a betterment in Ramadhan this year, particularly for me myself and also for Indonesia moslems in Praying spirit, because of course we want betterment in praying from time to time, betterment from the previous one.


Kingindian said...

hi sofwan
blognya ok
artikelnya panjang
tapi mending fokus mau bahasa inggris atau indonesia

Anonymous said...

more links for that topic?
And Bye.

Akhmad Sofwan said...

@Anonymous : No more links, but perhaps more article written in English for Islamic topic. Please wait ...

Anonymous said...

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