Monday, August 04, 2008

Be an Enterpreneur

When you ride on a road connecting between Jakarta and Tangerang ( I don't know the name, although i often ride on :-) ) passing Gondrong,Cipondoh district today, you will find some banners to urge us to become an enterpreneur for solving poverty.Those banners come from an institution, i think it's an NGO and i think its suggestion is useful and sincere, no some commercial or political motivations behind it. We should consider the suggestion to become an enterpreneur but, enterpreneurship is a hard way to take, especially if we start from zero. Most of University fresh graduate choose to become an employee in a company or Government institution and very very very little to not apply a job but start his own business from zero.

It's a not a mistake to become an employee but ignoring enterpreneurship way is a mistake. Another way is work as a self employee, we don't have institution, we become boss for ourselves, serve client by ourselves, the business connection is between client and us as service or goods supplier and it's also a bridge to become enterpreneur. In my opinion, someone called an enterpreneur if he has an institution, a company or a shop for example but self employee doesn't have an institution, such as, a singer,a movie player and a construction maker.

Today, there are some options to get money, besides become employee, enterpreneurship and self employee is another way and there is possibility to get more money than an employee gets. Employment is a static or slow moving in salary but fixed and certainty, i mean an employee is certain to get salary every week or month for some amount of money but enterpreneur and self employee is not certain for getting money, they could be no money to get or a lot of money, they could be loss or profit, more risks and more chances to become rich.

I say this, because we should don't close other chance to get money, money has a lot of ways to get, the most important thing that they must legal ways. In addition what the banner says is true i think, because enterpreneurship can provide jobs for other people, we can help them to get work and hopefully to free them from poverty and a lot of enterpreneurs are successfully to become rich. I my other opinion, if we already become an employee in a company and if there is ability to have side job in self employee or enterpreneurship, why we don't do that, we will have more than one income sources and other advantages but of course, time, fund and energy is needed to do that. (sofwan)

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