Friday, February 29, 2008

Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power, that sentence, first i heard when i attended my English class at Senior High School. It is a wise word in my opinion and it is right too. The fact that, it is different between a man with knowledge and without knowledge. We can do anything well with knowledge and we can avoid harmful things by knowledge too.
Getting knowledge is not only by taking formal education which nowadays, a good education is so expensive, moreover high education. For many people, getting a good high education is unreacheable because they can't pay the fee.
Usually, we need effort, including spend some money to get knowledge, such as buy newspapers, magazines and books, but there are a lot of ways to get knowledge without or just spend a little money, such as asking or discussing with a clever man, could be free, be a library member, hire internet access and buy a newspaper. We also can get a scholarship for entering a formal education .
As long as we still healthy brain to think and health also a will, we can be a learner all of time. (Sofwan)

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