Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Keep remember, The Death always approach us

Happy New Year ..., that statement often we hear or perhaps we say it to our friends, colleagues / and relatives. Today, we enter New year 2008 and tomorrow, we will enter Islamic New Year 1429 H.
Many people say, that we are getting older and our life time getting fewer, but we often keep that words in our mind only, we know that but we still don't really understand it. I mean, in other words, The death approach us, from time to time. In the previous year, maybe we leaved by our lovely man, maybe our grandmother, grandmother or or parents. I was leaved by my grandmother and grandfather.
Time move fast, day by day, month by month and year by year, we live and every one indeed just waiting his turn to be die, but actually if we realize it, it doesn't mean we always worry or sad or low spirit, but we should eager to run this life by fill every time with useful activity, betterment and repairing.
By remembering death, we will always realize that there's a life after this life, a life must be prepared since current day.