Monday, December 03, 2007

Working with Servants soul

I ever talked with a Computer magazine Chief Editor, he said that his team is working for serve readers, he has servant soul which in my opinion, this soul must be have by Civil servants, because from the name, it reflects the working, how to serve people or civil well, but, in fact the civil servants not really serve us, as citizen. There's a statement, "If something could be more difficult in business, why it could be easy in business". The Civil servants has government soul than Servant soul, they prefer governt, instruct and force to serve community, they don't serious make the community live better, i hope changing will happen in beuroucrat.
Back to servant soul, an employee from HRD Dept in a Japanesse telecommunication company in Indonesia, said that we are nothing without customer. It means every company should be make customers in top line in its mind. In other word, business should work using servant soul, not just for front liner, such as shop keeper for retail business and Teller for banking business but it must be have in all of people in a company from bottom until top position has mind, how to serve customer better from time to time.

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