Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Not Have destiny

by : Akhmad Sofwan
Indonesia economy nowadays seems better from previous years although it still doesn't enough to get more prosper nation. The number of economic growth about 6-7 percent has been achieved but 'the not have' people still high in number.
Growth doesn't mean prevalent, and economic growth is enjoyed most by middle-high class, because they have good economic access, for an enterpreneurs, they will get more profits, for executives or white collar employees, their salary or bonus will get increased but for the people who doesn't have a good economic access, they're difficult to enjoy the economic growth well and still in poverty cycle and marginalized. They are, such as Micro or Small-Medium Enterprise who still fight with big enterpreneurs and capital shortage, labours, farmers who land smaller from year to year and a lot of teachers.
We need not only economic growth but we also need economic prevalence and economic justice. If 'the have,' they have money to get their children good education, including International school, they able to pay for good nutrition, so that they still keep have money and their children will have bright future like their parent, good education will cause good career.
For the 'Not Have', they always fight for daily basic need consumption, they just able to make their children in average or lower average nutrition and education, so that it could make their children will difficult to reach better future, they trap in the poverty cycle, in shorts rich dad, rich child and poor dad, poor child.
The government is responsible to uplift 'the not have' for facing better future, the way ?, i think the government know how to do it, because they have so many intellectuals but are the government has a strong will to do this ?.

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