Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Not Have Destiny (Part II)

By : Akhmad Sofwan

I have 2 friends who successfully enter a prestigious university. They come from not rich family, they parents have difficulty to pay their advance education, but they get university by scholarship and fee-decrease .
One of them successfully get Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt, entering Hadits studies, by scholarship, full scholarship, including his daily fee. He was graduated from Gontor Islamic Boarding School, now he is in Indonesia, enjoy his holiday . Another, is successfully enter University of Indonesia, faculty of Psychology, by SPMB. He got fee-decrease, because of disability in economy. He got fee-decrease after pass several processes and he just pay for 2 miilion rupiah only, meanwhile, the fee is Rp.11.000.000,- for new student. He plans to get scholarship ,but he can get it after passing one year study, so he think the fee in one year study, and fortunately, it's not so expensive, i am sure he can do it. We can predict their future if they get successfully their own education.
That's the example of how for 'not rich' family way to esape from poverty and ignorance, by education and scholarship.
A lot of famous Brazilian and African foot ball players come from poor family, they have great skill in foot ball and they able to help their family get out from the poverty and some of the players also help their community.

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