Sunday, August 14, 2016

Data Mining - The Opening words

This is the first article about Data Mining. This Data mining topic i create primarily for writing about my experiment in Data mining for my own documentation and for public as well . Hopefully, it is useful for others. Besides documenting my experiment,i also plan to write theory about Data Mining although perhaps not so detail.

I am an Indonesian and English is not my native language and in daily life i don't often use it . This blog is a place for me to practice English, especially in reading and writing with some topics including Data Mining and Spatial Data Mining, so please understand me if there are some writing-error within articles i write. Any suggestions and critics are welcome .

Friday, August 14, 2015

LetoDMS, a good choice in Document Management System

This morning, i and my partner went to a Government institution on central jakarta for made a presentation for our client's need in Document Management System (DMS).

What is DMS ?. DMS is a system (based on computer programs in the case of the management of digital documents) used to track, manage and store documents. There, we explained about LetoDMS, an open source DMS software including its features and its function and discussed about their needs. Alhamdulillah, they saw LetoDMS is a proper software for their needs although we need to modify in some places and i as a man in charge about software technical is responsible to make it work.

I choose an Open source as a first choice is, it is a fast way to explain about DMS rather than make a dummy software first, because we don't have yet a DMS product to present. If the client's need is not so far from what the software offer, i just need to modify it in a small effort but with high income :-). But if client's need is far for what the software offer, developing the software from scratch is considerable which the effort could be less than modify open source software with enormous modification and the price is adjusted, of course.

If you or your client need DMS software, i think LetoDMS is a good choice. Besides open source, it has a lot of features, such as :
- Create folders to group your documents
- Lock and unlock documents
- Set expiration-date for documents
- Download documents or view them online within your browser
- User and group management
- Multi language support

The Modification is not about adding new features or modify it but also need to hide or eliminate some existing unneeded features in LetoDMS for fulfill client's need. Oh ya, LetoDMS is based on PHP and Mysql and run in browser, so you need to familiar with PHP and Mysql to modify it. For further information about LetoDMS and Download the source code, you can visit

Saturday, December 20, 2014

My dirty creek

I live in Petukangan Utara, Jakarta Selatan, a district area bordered with Jakarta Barat in north side  and Tangerang in west side. When i was a child, i was about 7 - 8 years old, about 28 years ago, i like played at creek with my friends, caught fish. The water is grey-brown indicate it that the water was not so dirty most contain mud and soil. Some kind of fish could still alive in it, such as Sepat (Trichogaster trichopterus), Julung-julung (Hemiramphus brasiliensis)and rice field Crab (Paranthelpusa Convexa) . At that time, trees and empty land is still wide including water absorption area and not so many houses built if comparing today, so that waste water from household still flowed well by creek with keeping it for fish life . The creek's condition quite well in general.

At that time, with the condition is still natural, i and my friends could caught fish,went fishing, played football and other games in space area, played on trees and caught dragonflies where found a lot at that time, because trees are still a lot.

Today, the creek water is very dirty, it is black moreover when in dry season, indicate it that no fish can live there anymore. It caused by more people live here and need more houses so human have to cut trees and space area is decreased also throw waste water more than previous years . In the other hand the creek capacity is still same or maybe less because mud sediment is growing. And it causes the water is black, not a habitat anymore for fish.

Some of surrounding area on the creek especially at the picture i took, is a campus area. Previously it is land owned by people, there are fish pools and garden but today a campus bought it and change fish pools become buildings, parking area,etc.

So, what's people's loss because that change environment including creek water change from low dirty to very dirty ?.
1. Fish are gone. Means food supply is decreased.

2. Clear land water is depleted fastly. When dry season in 3 months, households start difficult  to find it, digging land deeply is a must to find clear water. Clear water from water company has not come to this area.

3. Food supply from trees such as fruits and vegetables has decreased (Especially for land owner). So everything we need must buy.

4. Temperature is higher because trees are decreased.

5. Space area for children to play and human socializing is decreased too. Children have to play in street or rent a field to play futsal for example.

What will we do to overcome that ?
Build more buildings and streets is unavoidable because human number is growing and demanding more infrastructure moreover it is in Jakarta area, center of business and government,as we know, the infrastructure development is growing fastly but there are some steps we can do to make our environment still comfort. Some of them are :

1. Plant trees although in a small land or in plant's pot.
2. Create many reservoirs to absorb more water from rain
3. Create a wide green area per subdistrict / kecamatan . Actually it is a   government task.
4. Save clear water
5. Keep clean our environment including creek and river.

So, the importance to keep our environment green means make our life and our next generation life is sustainable and keep comfort because we are so dependent with our environment. Keeping our environment is keeping life itself.

Image : By myself. My dirty creek .

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Thursday, April 03, 2014

How useful Master Degree in Computer Science for a Web Developer ?

This year, i am starting pursuing a master degree in Magister Ilmu Komputer (Master of Computer Science), Universitas Indonesia. I do it because my superior in IT Academy where i teach was urge me to get Master degree for keeping still eligible to teach in Higher Education institution including in my academy. Although my main job is not a lecturer but i like learning and teaching and i want try to keep interact with academy because academy is one of important source of knowledge and skill, so i try to enter University again to pursue master Degree and Alhamdulillah, this year , it is become reality.
   A master degree for a Lecturer is useful and a necessity regarding on Government provision, demanding lecturer to have Minimum Education is Master Degree.  What about for Web Developer like my main job ? How useful is it ?. Doesn't Web Developer doesn't require master degree for becoming it. An Employer or Client of Project today just need Bachelor Degree and more important thing, the web developer must be knowledgeable, skillful and have good portfolios rather than having master degree. No one require Web Developer must have Master Degree.
   Okay, today no one or almost no one require a web developer to have master degree but later if you have a higher position, like becoming a Project Manager or a Lead Developer, particularly for Big Project which come from big institution, i am sure, a master degree holder is more consider than other candidate, of course, experience, knowledge and skillful is already fulfilled.
   Another usage and the more important thing is knowledge enrichment and networking . In Master Program , like i am pursuing today, i am learning about more advanced theory in computer science, such as in Database Advanced and Machine Learning which i haven't got yet before.
  In database advanced, for example, i know  there are some index types in database, such as Be-tree and Hash Indexes. Before, i just know, database has index but what name of index, i did not know yet. Another new science i get is Machine Learning, which learn about some Algorithms to solve the problem based on data we have. They are useful and enrich my Knowledge as a web Developer, Freelance Web Developer exactly.
   A Web Developer often use Database, oftenly intermediate knowledge is enough but i am sure Advanced level is better to developing a better application.
   So, besides getting higher degree, knowledge and skill will increase, hopefully as a web developer. Networking is something useful. Knowing more people, friends and Great lecturers.
   And the last but not the least, hopefully studying continuously will become good point in The God's side

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Saturday, January 05, 2013

If we want to live in peace, get ready to war

Everybody loves peace including us but that doesn't mean other people not attack us because of certain reasons, including criminal, such as robbery and raping. Unfortunately, police is not always near us and get ready to help us.
For that reason, we need to protect ourselves from the attacker, which we can screaming for help, running away, using a weapon or using Martial art or maybe combine them.

Screaming for help is often effective to evict the attacker, especially if there are some concern people around us. Running away too, if we believe we can run fast and screaming for help in the same time. It can escape us from the attacker. But sometimes, the condition is not possible for us to scream and run away, for example, our house is robbed in the midnight while we can't scream or help because the robber force us to be quiet under a knife. At that time, only 2 ways we must choose, Be quiet and obey to what the robber said and can not do anything just see including they hurt one of our family member or struggle to paralyze them using Martial art but dare to take a risk, including die.
If we believe able to beat the Robber(s) and we brave enough, we can choose the latter.

Of course, hopefully, there is no one attack us including do something criminal to us, but There is no guarantee we will live in peace forever. That's why we need to alert, especially in certain condition, for example, when we are walking in a dark and quiet area alone.

Having skill and knowledge in martial art is something useful, not merely for defending ourselves , but also for health, get socialize and increase self confidence. But we have to make a lot practice and do it routine to make it useful. We can choose one of any Martial art suitable for us, such as Karate, taekwondo or Judo. For the beginner, a trainer is very important and we can join a club to get practise together under a/some trainers instruction.

Last, preventing is more important than curing for avoiding criminal such as, not wearing jewelry so many in a public area, which can tempting bad guys to steal or even rob us, stay away from criminals area especially if you are a woman and alone and Keep praying for The God's protection.

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

An Atheis, do you think you use your brain well about the God Existence ?. Think again ....

In Indonesia, the government has declared 6 official religions, they are Islam, Christian, Hindu, Buddha and the newest one, Konghucu. But i believe only one religion is right and the rest is wrong, it is Islam with a lot of verses in Al-quran and Hadits tell about it and also with logical proven tell that Islam is the one and only true religion. No God but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger. About other people embrace religion besides Islam think that his religion is true, that is his business. Lakum Dinukum waliyadiin, Your religion is yours and my religion is mine.

Of course there are some people who embrace other religion besides 6 official religion above in Indonesia but i am sure the percentage is very small and other some people choose not to believe in God. How can they don't believe in God while they existence in the World is a real and undebatable proof that the God is exist.

Before continue, the God in this article, of course, i mean Allah Ta'ala, but if you are a non Muslim and tell another God besides Allah Ta'ala, that's your own business.

Okay, let's continue .. :). We all know that we are born by our mother because "the good cooperation" between our mother and our father, then there are some biological process in my mother's womb. There are some steps to create our lung, our heart, our eyes and make us life.
An atheis , do you create your own eyes, your own ear and create your soul from yourself ?. Or it happened accidentally by natural ?. Don't you know that eyes are very complicated things, they have 130 million cell which all of them are ready to receive  light ? Not mention your brain since you are baby, it has one milliard brain cell (neuron)and about 1 trillion supported cell helping neuron (glia).In short, human body is very complicated and amazing creation. It must be designed very well by someone or something and we know it, It is not human. It is another power who is much more powerful and clever than Human. Yes .. It is the God.

Other proof is about the ocean which is very large and so many various kind of fish, coral reef and other things which they are real proofs that all of them are designed and created well with the God. Impossible created coincidentally.

Do you still don't believe with the God Existence ?. Do you think that you use your brain well that you can conclude there is no God ?. Think again ...  Or ... It seems we have to wait until The death come to each of us. I believe in Life after Death. We will prove by ourselves, is there God, meaning, there is another life which the place for responsibilities with what we have done in the World, or we will perish, no another life, meaning, there is no God.
Ok .. Let's waiting for that happen comes to each of us.

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Thursday, May 03, 2012

K-mail, a good and free e-mail client

If you use Linux and need an E-mail client to organize your emails rather than organize them in your web based e-mail directly, you can try K-mail. K-mail is the E-mail component of Kontact , the integrated personal information manager from KDE. There are several main features mentioned in its website, such as :
- Supports the standard mail protocols IMAP,POP3 and SMTP.
- Reading and writing of HTML mail.
- Ability to display plain text only from an HTML mail.
- Encrypted password saving in Kwallet

My experience using Kmail for more than 2 years, i think it is a good mail client, which makes me still use it until now. I use a commercial hosting and i make it for my email hosting too and the space is limited, just 375 mb, so i have to save my space for mail and i decide to use a mail client. I found K-mail and i tried it, i feel satisfy with it. Unfortunately, Kmail is only available in Linux, not in Windows, so for you want to try it, you have to use Linux first.

I use 4 features mentioned above well. Currently i use K-mail version 1.13.3, using KDE Development Platform 4.4.5 (KDE 4.4.5) and it is installed integrated with KDE, so we don't need to install it separately. I don't use the latest Linux Mandriva version, Mandriva 2011, i still use Mandriva 2010.2, so i hope i can find the newest version of KMail too in the newest Mandriva version and i am sure it is better than what i have used now.

Last but not least, Kmail and also Kontact is a GNU license application, which you can get free.

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